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♥ 雨の調べ ♥ I dont wanna cry alone ♥

29 May
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My name is Mel and you is entering my personal journal.

I am one of lazy fangirl who love drawing, eating, sleeping, watching movies and series , listening to the music and like any other fangirl, reading fanfictions LOL

My bias or Ichiban or you can say Numero Uno is no one but Kamenashi Kazuya, so most of my journal enties are anything about Kame,  The Prince Turtle. And, there's Ueda Tatsuya, Kame's twin sister band mates.

I love music, love listen to all music genre, but KAT-TUN, Acid Black Cherry, L'Arc-en-Ciel and Mika Nakashima are my top playlist.

My OTP is the infamous Brian/Justin from QaF US,   no one cant beat their dynamic imo, because why, because they are Brian and Justin for fuck's sake. Wuups I'm babbling nonsense here xDD

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..So baby
save the last dance for me

This journal is SEMI-FRIENDS Journal. You dont need to friend me to see my fanart, not they are many by the way. But if you wanna see my personal entries or any random stuffs or you just wanna friend me, well feel free to do it. I dont bite xP
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Later !!

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